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Mes Demoiselles


The story of My Demoiselles ... Paris springs from the imagination of Anita Radovanovic.

Since 2006, the brand, arouses the senses, inviting us on a voyage, season after season, to fantastic lands, so much so that we allow ourselves to dream with our eyes wide open.

Mes Demoiselles


Anita adds a new flavor to basics by cultivating encounters that only fate and the heart can provoke. Her collections emerge from cultures that have the spirit of handmade tradition, and the taste for the natural in their soul.

Soft and light, this fabric is hand-woven according to ancestral Indian techniques.

It dances majestically with the movements. Combined with the softness of the skin, it unifies comfort and sensuality.


The brand adapts with the times but is there to remind us of the fundamentals, to connect us to what we are and to what has made us that way.

In pursuit of the essentials since its origins, Mes Demoiselles ... Paris is inspired by what the Earth can offer us, and interprets that in an original way, in order to create unique pieces that fit in times.

Under umbrellas of silk and cotton, the large folds of noble fabrics colored in hues beige hues that reminding us of skin tones, the earth tones and spices.


Crocheted, woven, or embroidered entirely by hand, some pieces adorned with flowers or stripes recall the days Anita spent playing at her grandmother's, discovering in the closets those buried treasures, which are nowadays timeless.

The Mes Demoiselles ... Paris universe has a descended, it’s a form, a pledge of quality, a reflection, passions and emotions. The link between fashion and a sincere desire to convey the values and vision of a world she loves.

Mes Demoiselles Mes Demoiselles
Mes Demoiselles



Mes Demoiselles

Secret agent, Mes Demoiselles…Paris gives the gift of her inexhaustible quest for truth. Her desire to share the energy and authenticity of the moment, guides her in her creative quest to let the garment speak so that it becomes an integral part of our life, our experiences, and our memories, it therefore becomes the centerpiece, a means of expression and of sublimation in itself.

Forever trendy, such as a traditional suit, the garment is an invitation to extend the voyage.

Both sophisticated and mystical, the flashes of light are skilfully hand embroidered and et shocases Darpana, the indian divinity that has the mirror as an attribute.

He symbolizes the power of the entire creation, reflection of the cosmic form.

« To know where you are coming from, you need to bond to your roots, never loose yourself. Everywhere around the world you feel home as you do know yourself. »

Anita Radovanovic.